honouring a life memorial tree program

Plant a Memorial Tree

Honouring a Life is a program that provides you and your family with an opportunity to beautifully memorialize a loved one by planting a tree in their honour, helping the environment and making significant contributions to the circle of life in the process.

build a funeral quote

Build a Funeral Quote

At ObitTree, we want to protect your family from the stress caused by unexpected costs and provide informative resources about what is involved with a funeral. Funeral quote is an educational tool that will help families make informed death care decisions.

a helping hand for final expenses

Contribute to a Funeral Fund

There are many expenses related and unrelated to the cost of the funeral. With A Helping Hand, in partnership with GoFundMe, friends and family of the deceased can help alleviate the financial burden of a funeral by making a contribution.

community support network widget

Find a Death Care Provider Near You

We make it easy for you to not only get the answers and tools you need to make informed decisions, but we also connect you to trusted funeral professionals across North America.

an amazing life memorial tribute

Interact with Online Memorial Tribute Pages

Never before have online memorial tributes been able to offer such an interactive experience to you and your family. An Amazing Life™ preserve the deceased’s memory in an easy-to-use, customizable platform that puts your family in control.