Our Partners

Our Partners

National Obituary Registry partner

The National Obituary Registry

The National Obituary Registry strategy, in partnership with ObitTree, was established to help funeral professionals take back control of their obituaries and be more diligent on how they are used in order to protect the families they serve, their businesses, their profession, and the profits they need to maintain the high standards they provide, thereby ensuring they will be there for the families they serve for generations to come.

In order to facilitate this, funeral service needs to put an end to the countless number of third-party schemes that copy, electronically scrape or capture obituaries through elaborate deals with newspapers and leverage them for their own self gain, often at the expense of the funeral home, the families they serve and the dignity of the deceased.

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community support

Community Support Partners

The strategic component of the National Obituary Registry is the establishment of the Community Support Network, an obituary listing tool that can be easily added to any local business website to help funeral homes, local business, and newspaper organizations spread the word of someone’s passing. Funeral professionals are encouraged to get as many local businesses involved as possible. There is no charge for the widget and the team at National Obituary Registry will look after setting up everything for local businesses.

Getting entire communities involved with funeral service will dramatically increase awareness throughout the community and will bring more support to families during times of loss. The increased traffic will surpass all other third-party obituary platforms that are leveraging funeral home obituaries for their own self gain. The National Obituary Registry does the opposite, bringing it back to funeral professionals.

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newspaper program

Partnered Newspaper Program

A family spokesperson from one of the largest newspaper conglomerates in North America said it best. “We know funeral homes are upset with us, but we don’t know why?” As part of this comprehensive initiative, we have developed an obituary posting engine that will rebuild the relationship between funeral homes and their local newspapers, to better serve families. With the National Obituary Registry’s Partnered Newspaper Program, newspapers can easily add obituaries to their website and help funeral homes boost their community exposure, with both parties achieving more traffic. With the current model that most newspapers run with today, this traffic is shared between the newspaper and third-party obituary posting companies, which often leaves funeral homes as the odd party out.

When a local newspaper signs on with the National Obituary Registry, obituary links are redirected to the local newspaper and the funeral home finally enjoys a powerful shared revenue from the entire program - a win / win for both newspapers and funeral homes across the continent.

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funeral association partners

Funeral Association Partners

Without professional associations, funeral service would not survive. But in today’s challenging business landscape, associations too struggle with increasing costs and are victim to the domino effect of funeral homes’ losing revenues resulting in shrinking association membership. The Association Partner Program is designed to include professional associations in the fight to take back control of funeral service.

Given the mandate to help spread the positive message about funeral service, the National Obituary Registry and ObitTree will feature “The Talk Of A Lifetime” promotion and help make it visible to millions more visitors every month. In addition, the “Honoring a Life” memorial tree program will be made available to every member funeral home, allowing funeral homes to utilize a portion of their captured commissions to cover their association membership dues, helping associations continue to provide the quality of education and services.

Honoring a Life is a global initiative designed to send a positive message about the good work being done by the funeral profession, with a focus on bring the industry together to combat the effects of climate change while honoring those who have pass away. With this program, already planting thousands of trees world-wide per month, there is now something good that can come from the loss of a loved one.

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technology partners

Technology Vendor Partners

From the onset, it was important to ensure that we build a platform that would allow every website or funeral home management software vendor the ability to easily connect their systems to the National Obituary Registry and to be a part of ObitTree. This powerful conduit creates a significant win for the funeral home client, the technology vendor and for funeral service as a whole. It allows vendors to switch out the important service components that are important to their business model, while benefiting from all of the other newfound opportunities presented on the ObitTree site.

Given the size and scope of the initiative, vendors may find that they can do better using the ObitTree services than running it through their own. It is a model designed to create a larger win for clients, for funeral services and for all vendors to make us all stronger to meet the challenges ahead.

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