Kelly Jesse Hathaway

November 27, 1963 - March 14, 2019 

Kelly Jesse Hathaway

November 27, 1963 - March 14, 2019 

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Condolences and Tributes for Kelly Jesse Hathaway


Randy McKee posted a Condolence | March 24, 2019

I remember your singing and your youthful love for each other as we served together in the military in Germany. I also remember re-building your carburetor, one of the scariest mechanical times of my life! God sure helped us that day! So glad you are no longer limited by this flesh. You are dunking on the golden street, I'm sure. Linda, may God guide you in the rest of your journey. May He grant you peace, joy and liberty to pursue whatever it is He has for you. Your journey is not complete, just different. Enjoy every day knowing Kel is free to serve the Lord in his new body: to kneel at His feet, to shout with praise, and to jump with joy as he tells Jesus all about you (even though He already knows!). Kel's at peace. Kel is healthy. Kel is happy. Kel is full of joy. Remember, and rejoice with him until you are re-united in "a land where we'll never grow old". Shalom, friend. God is GOOD!

Julia Manuel posted a Condolence | March 22, 2019

I really appreciate how he loved his pastor (my dad) and my family and wanted to make sure that we were taken care of! ❤️

ken / mary mathews posted a Condolence | March 21, 2019

greetings brother sister in christ we regret that we miss and talk during the services at ibc also that we miss the trips to az to see ya all just remember we loved him because he love us first he will do nothing that you cannot handle praying without stopping for the whole family
Condolence posted a Condolence | March 20, 2019

Bro. Kelly was a trooper. Tough, sensible and loving. Exactly what God intended men to be. A good example to his church family and a wonderful legacy for his children and future grandchildren. Heaven is sweeter. Love you Miss Linda (((hugs))), Adrianne

posted a Condolence | March 20, 2019

Kelly walked in first, followed my Linda, my 1st choir encounter with another known choir director. Linda had told me they were joining our choir, I thought, “I’ve heard this before”, but here they were, Kelly and Linda. Oh No! I thought, someone who will tell me everything I’m doing is wrong! Boy, was I mistaken. Kelly had a wonderful base voice, even hitting all the A flats! Man, I was happy to hear his voice! Deep, solid, and most importantly, he sang with a hard conviction that the sounds he made were glorying our Lord as though Jesus was right next to us all. As the short years passed, I realized that this was not simply another singer in the choir, but a strong man, a principled guy who loved God and guided his family by Gods word. As I got to know and understand Kelly as a brother in Christ, I came to realized I was speaking to a real mature, solid man who never wavered in the heat of spiritual warfare. I came to love him and Linda, along with Alex who was in our Sunday School class. As time passed, I could see why Alex addressed my wife and I with respect and love. That comes from a solid man and wife raising children of character. Now let’s be clear, Kelly had NO PROBLEM with correcting me on my missed notes, but that is why I hold him dear in my memory! Strong, Confident and sure of his every step in matters that pertaineded to the church! Miss you Kelly, “Lord be with Linda”, amen.
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