Jeffrey Gilbert Schalk

January 17, 1953 - November 11, 2006 

Jeffrey Gilbert Schalk

January 17, 1953 - November 11, 2006 

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Condolences and Tributes for Jeffrey Gilbert Schalk


Dana posted a Condolence | August 15, 2007

Mr Schalk ...
...I was never one for getting anything on time. Homework, to class, news... I'm sorry I couldn't have said this sooner -Because I only found out about your passing today- but you will be missed. You were a wonderful teacher .. and it saddens me that when I go back home to NJ and visit RPHS that you wont be one of the faces that I'll see.
Thank you for your inspiration always.

colin henry posted a Condolence | July 01, 2007

i love you.

Brett posted a Condolence | June 25, 2007

It saddens me to learn so late of your passing. You truly were a wonderful teacher and friend. The future students of Ridgefield Park will never know what they missed. Thank you for the years of dedication and hard work. TO THE END OF AN ERA! CHEERS!

Barbara Hodges posted a Condolence | December 31, 2006

Dear Jeff,

When I heard that you were gone I was nearly speechless. I had always imagined that all the friends would grow old together. On this last day of the year, a day we always spoke on the phone, I have found my voice.

I will miss your deep warm and loyal friendship, your attractive presence, your candor, your quick wit, your sharp intellect, your gentle personality, your incredible talent, your sense of beauty, your wish for peace on earth, your love of animals and nature, your wildness and your craziness.

When your spirit was liberated a great big bright packet of energy returned to our universe. If indeed there is a Rainbow Bridge, Petunia and all your other critters were surely waiting there to greet you, along with your mom and those friends and loved ones who left before you.

Thank you for everything your were, Jeff, and for all the great times. I promise to pronounce the word BONSAI correctly for the rest of my life, and I love you.

If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.
--Meister Eckhart

I often think of you, and as I grow older, I think of our youth. It helps me get through the present times. --Renoir to Monet, in a 1919 letter

Robert Kogge posted a Condolence | November 30, 2006


Without your frienship and comradery for the past thirty eight years its hard to imagine that I would have perservered in persuing a career as an artist. What ever success I have had or will ever have is a direct result knowing you. As a friend of yours I was treated as family by your family and as a friend by your friends. My life took a dramatic turn for the better the day I met you.
I love you Jeff

Each friend represents a world within us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and its only by this meeting that a world is born.
-Anais Nin

"Life is trouble," Zorba continued. "Death, no. To live - do you know what that means? To undo your belt and start looking for trouble!"
-Zorba the Greek
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