Phyllis Yvonne Johnson

January 27, 1938 - June 28, 2013 

Phyllis Yvonne Johnson

January 27, 1938 - June 28, 2013 

Obituary for Phyllis Yvonne Johnson

A Life well Lived: Phyllis Johnson

75, died June 28, 2013. She was born on January 27, 1938, at Winona
Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana to the late Pearl Albert Clark and
his wife Bertha Mae Clark. The Clark family also included her Five
Siblings, Pearl Clark (Jr.), Robert Clark, Gloria Anne Clark, Minnie
Clark and Marjorie Clark. All of Phyllis’ siblings predeceased her.

Phyllis was raised in Indianapolis and was excited to attend Arsenal
Technical High School. After High School Phyllis took additional
course work in Child Care and Development and put it to good use,
working for the “Head Start” Child Development program for over 20

Phyllis met her first husband and father of all her children, Mr.
George (Nate) Winston (Sr.) during the summer of her Seventeenth year.
The couple struck of a close bond and dated and married within less
than two years. During the Course of their marriage Phyllis and
George had Five Children: Cynthia (Cyn), George (Oldman), Duncan
Donna and Roger. Phyllis and George Senior ultimately separated and
divorced, however George Sr. has maintained an active and constant
presence in the lives of the children and of his Grand Children.

Phyllis was wed to the late John Harrison. John had been a life-long
Bachelor but quickly found himself living a crash course in
Co-Parenting Five active and rambunctious children. When Mr. Harrison
passed in 1999 he was mourned by not only Phyllis, but by all the
Winston Children.

Throughout her adult life, Phyllis was active in the lives not only of
her immediate children, but in the lives of her Nieces, Nephews, and
various and sundry other Children who just seemed to be in need.
Phyllis was typical of a traditional mindset present in the community
at the time of her birth. Phyllis may not have had an overabundance
in terms of material possessions, however her door was always open to family members in need. Whether it was temporary shelter, or taking
on the responsibility of blending Nephews and Nieces into her family
for a year or more, Phyllis frequently rose to the occasion to help
out her family.

Phyllis suffered a debilitating stroke in September of 2008 and from
that point until her death she was dependent on medical and nursing
care. Although she had re-married, her hospitalization prevented
Phyllis from fully enjoying the fruits of the marriage and in fact,
her husband David passed some three years after her Hospitalization.

Survivors include: Children, George (Michele) Winston Jr., Duncan
(Linda) Winston, Donna (Duane) Merchant and Roger Winston;
Grandchildren, Phyllis Siders , Joseph Nkonga (Jr.), Michaela Rias,
Duncan Winston Jr., Roger Winston Jr., Mishara Winston and Aleah
Winston; Great-Grandchildren Cynthia Brumfield, Cameron Rias, Justyce Winston and Elijah Winston. She was preceded in death by her beloved oldest child Cynthia (surviving Son-in Law Bernard) Siders.

In addition to those survivors Phyllis leaves especially fond remembrances from her first husband, Mr. George Winston Sr., as well
as the deep love and affection from a host of Nephew, Nieces,
Great-Nephews and Nieces, many of whom have contributed their love and labor to bring her some measure of the honor to which she so richly deserves.

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