Kelly Elizabeth Thomas

August 07, 2009 

Kelly Elizabeth Thomas

August 07, 2009 

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Condolences and Tributes for Kelly Elizabeth Thomas


Thea Dorsey posted a Condolence | April 18, 2010

Will always by in My Memories


Tara Finlay posted a Condolence | December 07, 2009

I read all the things on your facebook and some online guestbooks, the love your Mom , sisters,family, & friends have for you is amazing, I cried reading alot of them, no doubt they miss you like crazy.
You were a good kid Kel, glad you came out of your shell , you made so many friends and memories for everyone.
Rest in Peace Girl
Your old neighbor,


tina posted a Condolence | August 30, 2009

i'll never forget u kelly....miss you.


Bridgette posted a Condolence | August 28, 2009

Kelly I loved you more then you could ever have known. The person who taught me the most in this life was you and I will never forget everything we did together. Thank you to everyone who helped Kelly in life and to everyone who helped the family during this trying time. My sister would have loved to see the support all of her friends have given us but she would not have been surprised by it. She chose all of you for friends because of the amount of love she felt when she was with you. We were lucky to have been able to call her friend, I was blessed to have been able to call her sister. There will bever be another person like her. I love you Kelly.


Amy Crusoe/Cutler posted a Condolence | August 24, 2009

"A voice from heaven"

Do you know I am with you I still see your face. I am standing right here with the
presence of grace.

You are like my sister your my best friend. I'll be with you always right to your end.

I'll welcome you to heaven and show you the door. We'll go on with our friendship just as

You've made me laugh and showed me how. Your friendship inside me is with me now.

When you get sad and start to cry. Its then when am standing right by your side.

Remember our friendship that meant so much. I am holding your hand you just can't feel my

You've changed my life in so many ways. I am now up in heaven clear from the haze.

The pain is gone my tears were freed. I see the friends I use to grieve.

So remember my smile remember my laugh. Remember our times we had in the past.

Your love inside me will always live on. Even in heaven now where I belong.

I am holding you close I am holding you near. I'll always be with you holding you dear.

Remember me now remember me then. Remember me forever your my best friend.

My sister in law wrote this for me Kelly and I know you would love it just as much as I did. I will love you forever and you will be missed by so many!! Kelly wants us all to be strong, I just know it. Miss you so much.

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